Specialized Training

Specialized training for specialized challenges

Training unique to BXNet

Our members know that their work is unlike any other. They’re more than just managers of associations; they’re managers of construction associations. And that means they face unique challenges every day. BXNet is here to help.

Every year, we offer specialized training to suit the particular needs of our members. Each two-day program is led by instructors with deep knowledge in their fields, and the understanding of how to apply such teachings to staff and managers at construction associations, builder exchanges and plan rooms.

Our Marketing for Membership session teaches fundamental concepts in marketing, and builds on these with advanced concepts about key messaging, targeted promotions, the difference between conventional and digital media, and more. Participants take away tools and ideas they need to arrive at clear value propositions for current and prospective members, and to express those in meaningful ways. 

Our Reporter Training session teaches everything from the roles of the various stakeholders in the bidding and building processes, the roles of the exchange/plan room, the various desires and expectations of owners, designers and bidders, how to generate leads and how to bring in pre-bid information—and much, much more.